Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Weekend!

Had a great weekend!! Got a pedicure with Shelley, went to see Gabriel Iglesias with Trey, Jorge and Catherine, and went out to Katy! Mom and Lily's birthday's were Sunday. Unfortunately, we couldn't make the trip to Nashville to celebrate with mom. I bought Lily some 'frosty paws' doggy ice cream that a lady at work told me about to celebrate her birthday. It wasn't much of a celebration since we were gone all day and she probably just slept! This has been a surprisingly busy week; however, not as exciting and fun as the weekend... Work has been busy which is pretty nice actually! I hate not having stuff to do. Trey installed the new shelving which looks great! Then the AC unit broke. The guy who came out is very nice and seems to be very honest and likes to educate us about the system. At least it broke in late February instead of in the middle of the summer in Houston! The weather's been so nice and warm the past week, i can't wait for Summer! I'm looking forward to what the next few weeks hold for us!