Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What to say... Lily?

Most of the time I don't have a problem finding something to say. But when I sat down this evening to make my first post, my mind went blank. It's hard to believe I would have writers block before ever getting starting. What to people write about? Business, politics, religion, life? What broad categories. I follow my favorite author's blog and end up laughing till I cry. Could I be funny? I've read where people open up their lives for everyone to read. Not sure I'm ready for that one. Some people write to be an inspiration to others. That would be cool, but I'd have to do something inspirational first. Maybe I'll find what I'm supposed to write about. Maybe it will just come to me one day. Until then, there's always Lily.

Lily is my beagle. I call her a beagle b/c that's what she is... technically. In reality, she truly believes she is a person. She is really good at getting what she wants. Things like a few bites of my dinner or ALL of the covers at night. She lives a life of luxury really. She sleeps on pillows and gets held like a baby. She won't go outside if it's to cold and she won't go in the grass if it's wet. She prefers to play indoors where she doesn't have to run too far. She likes to lay in the sun, in the air conditioning of course. If she were a real person, she actually might be one of those people who feels they are entitled to everything and might give you an attitude if her dinner was taking too long or there was a smudge on her water glass.

Sounds like a handful, right? That being said, she's the best dog I've ever had. She may be spoiled rotten, but she loves us. Nothing makes her happier than waiting at the front door and seeing us get out of the car when we get home. She doesn't judge, she doesn't criticise, she snuggles when you need it, and even when you don't. And even though she steals the covers in the night and is too stuck up to pee in the wet grass, I love her!

So until I find what I need to write about, there's Lily.

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